We talk often about how important it is to have a plan for your move, and that goes double for a move during the coronavirus. You have to remain one step ahead to ensure that you have the right supplies and to ensure that you leave yourself enough time to pack and get ready for your movers.

To prepare for a move amidst current conditions, be sure to keep the following steps in mind:


Contact your movers
This is important to confirm your reservation and discuss best practices and expectations for your moving day.

Clean as you pack
Use this opportunity to sanitize your belongings, wiping items down with disinfectant and get rid of items that you no longer want or need. One silver lining is that social distancing means that you might have more time to devote to organizing your home prior to your move. If you plan on donating items like clothing, linens, furniture, shelf stable non-perishables, etc., call the place that you would like to donate to ahead of time and see what their policies are. While many people are in need during this time.

Finish packing at least 24 hours before the movers arrive
For everyone’s safety you should still have your boxes packed and sitting untouched at least a day before your movers arrive. Also this will assist with shortening move time if items are packed and ready to go before the movers arrive.
Let your mover know right away if you or anyone in your family is experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Transparency is very important for keeping everybody safe. In addition to letting them know if you suspect the illness among yourself or a family member or have a diagnosis, also let them know if you are isolating due to exposure.

If traveling for your move, plan accordingly
Book flights or hotels ahead of time prior to your move.

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